News digest 23.01.2023

YouTube will start sharing ad money with Shorts creators


YouTube has announced that creators can start making ad revenue on Shorts starting February 1st. Creators have been able to make some money from the format that rolled out in 2021, but that model wasn’t all that much better than TikTok’s monetization scheme. What TikTok doesn’t do, though, is directly share ad revenue with creators — something that YouTube has been doing for years for traditional videos and that it’s now bringing to Shorts.

Spanish regulator sets out marketing rules for lottery operators


The Spanish regulator, the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), has drafted legislation that is set to impose strict marketing and advertising regulations on lottery operators and brokers in the country.

TikTok is in talks with US Government over Chinese founders


Questions of TikTok intentions behind the app have been brewing since its explosion in the west due to the Chinese founders of its parent company, ByteDance and its links to the CCP. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that ByteDance representatives are meeting with US officials to discuss the future of the app – and there are significant concessions involved in the dealings.

Shopee shut down its Poland operations


Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce firm Shopee closed its Polish operations at the end of Friday, Shopee Polska announced on its website.

Alibaba unveils top technology trend forecasting for 2023


Alibaba DAMO Academy (DAMO), the global research initiative by Alibaba Group, has shared its annual forecasting of the leading technology trends that could shape many industries in the years ahead. In a statement, the tech giant said among the leading technology trends was Generative AI.

EU will create a continent-wide framework for markers of gambling harm


The EU standards body, the European Committee of Standardisation or CEN, is looking to develop a framework of markers for gambling harm. The proposal, put forward by the European Betting and Gaming Association (EGBA), was put forward to create a framework for “supporting safer online gambling and strengthening player protection in Europe”.