Your shield against mistakes

Your shield against mistakes

Affiliates’ world can be cruel. You race through all its dangers on the spaceship alone, trying to dodge not converting offers, low number of impressions, and not working ad formats. Slow down. In Galaksion you get a shield against mistakes — your manager.

Today our managers will explain typical mistakes of affiliates and share how not to fall into the same traps.

Mistake #1️⃣ Launching verticals that don’t match Galaksion traffic Solution: communicate with your manager to know the best converting verticals/offers for our traffic.

Mistake #2️⃣ Choosing too high/low rates Solution: don’t forget about your great helpers — traffic volumes and traffic estimator. They will help you to predict the volume and range of the most optimal rates and will save your budget.

Mistake #3️⃣ Not replying to managers’ messages in time and missing important information Solution: stay in touch with your managers. They are your friends, colleagues, and advisers who always keep you posted about all the trends and updates.

Mistake #4️⃣ Concentrating only on one ad format Solution: don’t take a shot in the dark. Diversify ad formats and try alternative variants on the platform. Tests and managers’ experience will show you the best working ad formats.

Mistake #5️⃣ Launching campaigns with low frequency of impressions as 1/24 Solution: experiment with it! Our managers recommend 3/24. Raising frequency values almost always means an increased number of impressions, thereby influencing the percentage of conversions. In many campaigns with different GEOs and targets, we saw cases when the second and the third impressions often had a much higher CR. More about frequency here.

Hit a dead end with your offer? Contact your supermen managers right now. They will protect you from mistakes and help to find a way out of the impasse.