Galaksion at GMIC. Do you have mobile apps to promote online? We have Indian traffic


We remind you that our representatives are now working, as professional visitors, at the 10th edition of the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing! The weather is fine, the Olympic Garden is beautiful, and our schedule is packed. That is to say, we have already been incredibly happy to meet our numerous partners here. 

At the same time, there are two days left. And since we want to make the most of our attendance, we would be happy to meet other potential partners as well. 

For example, we can see that there are many local companies and developers willing to promote their Chinese mobile apps in India. Galaksion definitely has something to offer in this respect. After all, if you take a look at this densely populated country, with so much Internet traffic, you will see that we certainly belong to one of the top advertising networks there. 

More than that, we are proud to say that we are №1 network in terms of streaming and mp3. 

So, if India and its world of mobile applications are your business destination, we definitely have something to discuss! 


Contact the Head of our delegation now!

Ellen Kirhgestner
Head of Advertising Dept.
Skype: ellen.galaksion
Phone: +49 69 40156210
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