Galaksion announces Indian vacation


Recently we've announced the best targets ranking where the combination of IN + Android + Chrome was the most profitable. One of Galaksion team’s principles is that we are interested in our advertisers' profits. That's why we decided not only to continue sharing our insides, but also to give our partners the opportunity to increase their income. For this reason, we invite you to take part in a campaign code-named "Indian Holidays" (since the real sea is not shining for us this summer, at least enjoy a sea of traffic and profit).

Steps and conditions:

  1. Contact your manager and inform us  about your intention to participate in the campaign. Our team is ready to help you get the most out of Galaksion direct traffic.
  2. Launch an ad campaign for our strongest targets: IN + Android + Chrome.
  3. Enjoy huge volumes and conversions for the next 5 weeks, while the campaign is set to the targets from paragraph 2.
  4. Get cashback and continue your journey through the waves of Indian traffic.

We also welcome new advertisers with a 10% first deposit bonus, you can register here.

* Please note: the campaign timeframe is limited

* Only new advertisers can participate

* You will be credited with cashback equal to your one week spend, which you can use to purchase our direct traffic.

How to get the most profit from IN + Android + Chrome campaigns?

- Launch an offer from our top verticals: Shopping / E-commerce, Utilities, VPN, Antivirus, Extensions, Apps, Gambling / Betting, Sweepstakes

- Use the most converting ad formats: Popup / Popunder, Push Notification, On-Page Notification, Native and Mobile Push-Up

- Get the assistance from our account managers, who are always on guard of your interests and income

Launch campaign here.