CHECKLIST for cleaner vertical drift

CHECKLIST for cleaner vertical drift

Cleaners have got third place in the Race across the verticals not accidentally. After the pandemic, we transferred everything to the online world. More people started working remotely. So they need to care about both personal and business devices. Moreover, these verticals’ offers mostly don’t ask for immediate purchase. Many apps are free or have free trials. That is why they are more attractive to users.

Let’s monetize cleaners! Check these steps with our managers' tips before launch.

  • ✅ Choose an ad network that matches all the requirements. With cleaners, your CTA is install or download. So CPA is the most preferable pricing model. You can pay on a CPA not in all networks. Find the one with this payment model. BTW, you can skip this step because you’re already with Galaksion.

  • ✅ Search for the offer with the highest payment in services like Adplexity, Affbank, Offervault.

  • ✅ Take any tracker you like. We have some partners’ trackers with the discounts for our subscribers. Look for them in the previous posts.

  • ✅ To choose a format, ask a personal manager for tips. Our managers recommend taking popunder for cleaners.

  • ✅ Get a pre-lander for launch. You can use your own creatives or text the personal manager. Maybe he’ll find a landing as an ace in the hole special for you 😉 We have a huge base of free, tested creatives. Pay attention to these points: player pictures or system messages work the best with cleaners. To grab more conversions, use the language of your target audience.

  • ✅ Set up the campaign’s settings. The traffic estimator on the platform and your personal manager will help you to do this. To drive traffic to cleaners vertical, use the rates from our selection.

  • ✅ Test various pre-landings and keep the most converting.

  • ✅ Add up to 10 creatives in one ad campaign and test them at the same time to catch all the opportunities for profit boost.

  • ✅ Launch a campaign and be ready to optimize it or choose a CPA payment model and just relax.

  • ✅ After the first results, upgrade your campaign to pull more money from it. You can do that by diversifying GEOs and formats. Furthermore, create new campaigns and add converting zones to white lists.

  • With this checklist, cleaners' launch seems easy as ABC, isn’t it? We hope that it caused ideas to buzz in your head.

Now you have a full instruction, rates, and insights for the cleaners vertical. Go take your profit!


US, GB — $0.95
TW — $0.75
ZA — $0.25
HK, TH — $0.40
BR — $0.10

US, GB — $2.50


US, GB — $0.55
TW — $0.35
ZA — $0.35
HK, TH — $0.80
BR — $0.25

US, GB — $1.20