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We at Galaksion are very proud to provide our advertisers with high quality direct traffic. And today we decided to tell you more about its benefits, as well as what traffic types are sold by other advertising networks.

We continue to carefully gather the most interesting news for you. Last week the main news sources were such giants as Google, Amazon, Alibaba and Facebook.

How to get a better CR? How to set the correct frequency? Frequency is one of the most important settings on Galaksion Self-Service Platform (SSP), which defines a number of impressions (capping) per specific time period (frequency) to one particular user. In this article wу will tell you which values deliver best results and why 1/24 is not always the optimal value.

Summer is here! We hope that it will be warm and will not bring any more unpleasant events. In the meantime, read our digest of last week's news.

Another week full of news has passed and the Galaksion team has again prepared for you a digest with the most interesting of them. And do not forget: in our digest we not only cover affiliate marketing news, but other business areas as well.

Another Monday is here and so is another news digest from Galaksion! Let’s have a look at what happened during the week of May 11 to 17.