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Test Campaigns FAQ

How to choose an offer? What Geos to test? How many campaigns do we need? Which budget is optimal? The answers are in the post

Today in our news digest: Shopee dominates online shopping in Vietnam, Ad blocking software popularity is decreasing, U.S. might ban other Chinese companies such as Alibaba.

How does RTB work? What makes our RTB traffic special?

In the freshest news digest from Galaksion: another lawsuits against TikTok и Facebook, new Instagram fake accounts checks, and DuckDuckGo search engine suggestion that might help others to compete with Google.

WeChat stops operations in India, Trump signs orders banning US business with TikTok owner ByteDance, meanwhile e-commerce is projected to show the biggest growth in 2020 - read these and other news in traditional digest from Galaksion.

The first Monday of August has arrived, and with it our news digest is ready. While Alphabet has recorded its first ever decline in revenue, Facebook claims that the boycott has not affected its revenue in any way. At the same time, Tencent grabs Facebook’s crown of world’s most valuable social media network operator.