Galaksion blog News digest 27.04.2020
Mon Apr 27,2020
News digest 27.04.2020

Another digest from Galaksion team! Previous week had a lot of interesting news from such giants as Google, Amazon and AliExpress. We collected for you the most important of them.

Google Play extends data security policy


On the eve of the Android 11 release, Google gives users even more rights to restrict apps access to data. This can be a permanent ban or a one-time permission to location tracking.

Often apps want to collect too much personal information from device owners, even if it is not really needed to function properly. Google is afraid that some of the information apps collect may be passed on to third party companies. 

Now all apps must obtain user consent for background access to data. Google gives developers enough time to get used to the innovation: it won't come into effect until August (for new applications) and November (for all existing applications) this year.

Apple services will be available on new markets


App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Podcasts and iCloud are now available in 20 new regions and Apple Music is available in 52 more countries.

New countries are located around the world: in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Pirate content has become more popular during self-isolation


According to research, sites with illegal videos get more traffic than official online cinemas. Pirate site LordFilm was one of the leaders among video services in terms of audience growth in March.

The study evaluated the audience of several major video resources. Only desktop devices were taken into account. The period was from 2 to 29 March. The audience - older than 12 years.

The total traffic of legal online movie theaters on desktops increased by 43% - from 5.3 million to 7.6 million people. Meanwhile LordFilm traffic increased by 48% during this period.

Netflix's marketing revenue grew by 24% over the quarter


Netflix revenues rose to $5.8 bln in the first quarter of 2020 (+28% compared to $4.5 bln a year earlier). Marketing revenues for the quarter increased to $3.6 bln (+24% compared to $2.9 bln a year earlier). Net profit for the period more than doubled, from $344 mln to $709 mln.

Similar growth is observed in other home entertainment services.

The number of elderly AliExpress customers has increased significantly


In April 2020, the number of AliExpress customers aged 55 to 65 grew by 50%. The number of users over 65 years of age increased by 60% compared to April last year. AliExpress explains this activity by increasing computer literacy.

The company has also made a special section with products that will help older people during quarantine.

Google Ads will verify all its advertisers


Google announced the launch of a new advertiser verification program. According to Google, this will increase transparency of search ads, as users will be able to see all information about an advertiser.

Advertisers will be required to provide Google with identification documents, company registration or other legal information.

Verification will be carried out in several stages. First, the program will be launched in the U.S., and in time - around the world.