Galaksion blog News digest 20.04.2020
Mon Apr 20,2020
News digest 20.04.2020

In the last couple of months the situation in the world is changing rapidly and the Galaksion team, being professionals in digital sphere and affiliate marketing, is trying to keep up. Usually we share our findings among our team and partners, but now we’ve decided to publish the most interesting pieces of news weekly so that you don’t spend your time looking for the most relevant updates. Hopefully, this information will be useful.

So here’s important news for the week from 13th to 19th of April.


1. The number of clicks in Google ads is decreasing: it is now 7% lower than usual. 

At the same time there has been more invalid clicks: in the past 3 weeks conversion rate dropped on average by 21%.



2. Pandemia continues to affect gambling industry: its income has decreased to the level lower than in 2013. Furthermore, it is prognosed to drop even more: today’s prediction is 15,6% more pessimistic than the one given in February. In the last 7 days the most dramatic situation has been in Europe.



3. Bookmakers are cutting RevShare rates for brand traffic from 50 % to 10%. These changes apply not only to new partners but also to those who engaged traffic earlier on previous conditions. Publishers argue that with such measures companies are trying to solve their own problems taking advantage of their partners by changing the rules of the market without giving a notice in advance. Along with the betting industry, rates reduction may also affect finance - on average by 20-30%.



4. YouTube bloggers are starting to earn less through advertising integrations in spite of total viewership increase due to the quarantine. A lot of them noticed that CPM is down by 30–50%, while traffic shows 15% growth. 



5. Аbout half a million account data related to video conference service Zoom was found on the darknet by Cybersecurity Cyble. The data contains emails, passwords, conferences URL-addresses and host keys.

Hacked Zoom accounts started to appear on forums on April 1. Some of the accounts were used by such companies as Chase и Citibank. 

Cybersecurity Cyble bought 530 thousand accounts for the price of 0,002 cent per each to secure its clients. 



6. Amazon cuts affiliate commission rates, which will cut the income website owners get through affiliate links. 

Some product categories will see drops of more than 50%. For instance, commission rates under the categories home improvement, furniture, lawn and garden, and pet products will see a commission rate of 8% per sale drop down to just 3%. For headphones, beauty products, and musical instruments, commission rates will go from 6% down to 3%.

Meanwhile Amazon cancels discounts and revamps its site to sell less, as it is unable to keep up with growing demand. For example, all sales devoted to Mother’s and Father’s Day, as well as Prime Day sales are cancelled.