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Tue Aug 28,2018
5 Reasons to Choose Galaksion for Your Digital Advertising Campaign


We have recently published an article dedicated to the reasons why Galaksion is a good choice for publishers monetizing their traffic. As we believe, this list of advantages is quite compelling and factually accurate. After all, our growing pool of loyal webmasters is the best evidence in this respect.

Indeed, the group of sites we cooperate with — popular, well-performing, and resourceful sites — is the basis and guarantee of our success. They are the reason why we are so good at attracting and retaining prominent digital marketers and advertisers (who view us as an efficient and reliable partner). The idea of this post is to try to persuade you to join them!

Here is a list of reasons why be believe that Galaksion is your direction to go if you are an advertiser determined to effectively promote your offers online.

1. Our high-quality traffic is clean
We offer direct traffic from adequate sites only. It is not an exaggeration to say that we personally know each and every webmaster we work with. Indeed, we carefully select your partners, which implies that we thoroughly examine, individually approve, and carefully monitor them. In fact, over the years we developed a special technique to test our traffic for fraud. Moreover, we are known for our zero tolerance approach when it comes to bot traffic.

2. Complex KPIs
We know that your situations may differ: different offers, different targeting options, different models and conversion criteria. Henceforth, your activities with us will be based on what you want, with your campaigns’ performance success evaluated in accordance with the KPIs we jointly identify.

That is to say, you will get what you need – not what someone else says you need. We are always keen to deal with challenges and ready to work with KPIs of any difficulty.

3. Optimization
Galaksion’s team is equally interested in your positive outcomes. That is why our managers constantly keep an eye on how your campaigns run on our advertising platform. If a given website fails to show good conversion rates, we immediately replace it with those better suited to your needs. That is why any unnecessary costs are reduced to an absolute minimum.

4. Our SSP
Those who want to work independently, without our assistance, are free to do so. We mean our Self-Service Platform created for the most resourceful, skilled, and efficient customers. Each application is subject to individual approval. However, if certain evaluation criteria are met, we examine and approve such applications quickly and swiftly.

5. Global reach
With Galaksion you can choose from many geos and cities. For example, users of our SSP can take a look at a list of most prominent regions here. As you can see, this range includes not only well-established markets of the US and the UK, but also the rapidly growing zones of India and Indonesia.

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Paulina Edmondson

Head of SSP

Skype: platina147

Ellen Kirhgestner
Head of Advertising Dept.
Skype: ellen.galaksion