Unexpected ways to monetize betting

Unexpected ways to monetize betting

The vertical that is continuing to grow and evolve no matter what… Welcome, betting!

In this post, we are analyzing different components of the vertical that you need to launch a profitable campaign. Follow Galaksion’s tips to be at the top of your game!

1️⃣ The most popular categories of betting and how to work with them:

  • Regular sports betting
    Keep in mind that this category is seasonable. It mostly depends on the major sporting events which are held in the summer and winter months. Meanwhile, sports betting is a vertical full of huge amounts of money. So if you follow the trends, you can earn a lot. For example, the Fifa World Cup is waiting for you from 21.11 to 18.12. During this period, you can boost your profit through hot offers. Be prepared!

  • E-sports
    When the covid broke out, e-sports came on stage. Its advantage is that nothing influences this category: neither seasons nor lockdowns. E-sports is a kind of competition using video games or advanced technologies. According to Newzoo, there will be an increase in the esports audience of 7.7% every year. Its amount will reach 577.2 million by 2024.

  • Fantasy sports
    This is quite a new but perspective category. Participants create unreal “fantasy” sports teams and fight for prizes. Fantasy sports have become more popular after the lockdown and are continuing to grow.

2️⃣ GEO choice:

Betting is illegal in different countries. So you have to figure some things out before GEOs launch: check the legitimacy of betting in a chosen country, the population size, and the ability to pay. Wealthy users are pickier. If you want to drive traffic to them, you need to create perfect, reliable creatives.

3️⃣ Recommendations for engaging creatives:

  • real pictures bring more impressions;

  • pictures with women work better;

  • promise high income using numbers and exact sums of money;

  • describe in detail the picture of a happy future after the win;

  • use a sample of the game;

  • tell stories about ordinary people and their experiences to make them believe;

  • test various languages;

  • cause the feeling of urgency.

4️⃣ What ad formats to pick?

  • Pushes
    This format suits betting as they both play with the emotions of people and require quick actions. Secondly, pushes attract people’s attention by being bright and involving. It’s what you need. Moreover, you can use push-notifications and mobile push-ups together to cover all kinds of devices.

  • Popups (popunders)
    This format can help you to bypass “banner blindness” and save some money as it’s not so expensive.

5️⃣ Use a CPA pricing model

It’s not obvious to pay on a CPA, launching betting campaigns. But you’ll like it. You pay only for a conversion that you choose and don’t lose your money. In the case of betting, it can be an initial conversion (registration, install) or deposit. Deposit payment depends on the offer. Most likely, it’s for revshare.

Here are approximate CPA rates for initial conversions from our optimization team. Use them for your campaigns!



IN — $0.65

MX — $1.45

PK — $0.55

BR — $0.8

BD — $0.35

EG — $0.5

AR — $0.2

CO — $0.35


BR — $1.5

DE — $0.75


US — $2.5

You’ve got the full pack for the roaring success of your campaign. Go to the platform, profit is waiting for you! 😎