5 most common beginner affiliate mistakes


The number of posts about typical affiliate mistakes is growing and so is the number of questions that our managers are asked about them, so we decided to compile our own list.

We'll be posting it a part by part, starting with the top five.

1. Working with all traffic sources at once
Every traffic source has its own specifics. Some can only be handled by large teams with high budgets.
Our advice: read our sources comparison, search more information about each and focus on 1-2, studying precisely all the details
Our managers, for example, regularly answer questions and give advice to both amateur and experienced advertisers.

2. Guesswork
The best way to blow your budget, we definitely do not recommend it. Set up your tracker right away, use UTM tags, and analyze the data before you make a decision.

3. One creative for all
Don't be lazy to personalize your creatives to your target audience - this will give a higher conversion rate. Don't forget about texts - use the audience language, try to use the same style in which they normally speak to each other (for example, some need a serious tone of voice, while others need lots of exclamation points and emotions). And if you don't know what creative to use - we have our own free creatives base.

4. Not bothering support managers
Self-reliance is good, however, we often write to our advertisers with recommendations or for their feedback. So if you have any questions - contact your manager, we are not a certain social network from California, and we will always do our best to help you.

5. Not running tests
Many people initially think that tests are a waste of budget. In fact, they are not. A split test (or A/B-test) is something that helps you find a good combination and start earning, rather than throwing money randomly.
By the way, we will soon have a handy feature on our platform for even more successful tests which we will tell you about later. In the meantime, we suggest you read our post on how to run tests properly.

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